Xavier Charles

vibrating surfaces vibrantes

Sunday covers Covers of favorite pieces... Xavier Charles - clarinets - voice - hands - objects - programation (parfois)

Controversy - Prince


Sign O the Time - Prince

SOS Amor - Bashung

Once in a life time - Talkingheads

I feel love - Donna Summer

The Magnificent seven - The Clash

Ayalew Mesfin - (no title)

Tom's Diner - Suzanne Vega

Un Autre Monde - Téléphone

Clap Hands - Tom Waits

Here Come the Warm Jets - Brian Eno

A Forest - The Cure

The Walk - The Cure

Close to me - The Cure

State of Shock - The Ex

Tico Tico

Crosseyedand Painless - Talkingheads

Musicawi Silt - traditionel - Ethiopie

Broken Arrow - Neil Young

Love - Prince

Come together - The Beatles

Making plans for Nigel - XTC

Ta douleur - Camille

Heroes - David Bowie

Who can it be now - Men at Work